Welcome to version 7 of To You, an unofficial fansite devoted to the magic and love that is Willow + Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This beautiful layout  :version 7: was made by the wonderful Ellissa from Educated Virgin, and uses brushes from The Fifth Muse, Truly Sarah, and 1greeneye. Thank you so much Ellissa. This site started out as a Willow + Tara postcards service but has grown (and grown). You can still send a Willow + Tara postcard, or there's some games, quizzes, an episode and spell guide, sounds, screensavers, image galleries, a links collection and other W+T goodness.

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May 2006

There's a tiny collection of new LiveJournal icons in the Have section.

January 2006

Just a tiny update, all the dead sites have been removed from the Links section and the recommended wallpapers over in the right hand navigation.

March 2005

The postcards in the gallery are now working again.
The site is now officially on hiatus. No high speed internet at home combined with my university course just makes it impossible for me to do updates at the moment. I won't be closing the site - it still gets many visitors a day (thank you!) and I hope to have it active again sometime in the future.

February 2005

The gallery is now back online, it went down with a server upgrade. The interface is very plain now but all of the images are still there.
I still don't have proper internet access making updating my sites rather hard [grrr] but there's a new guest layout ready to go and I'll be working on it and other updates in the next couple of weeks.

October 2004

An update is on it's way soon, I promise, including the sounds that have been requested. Meanwhile I just had to put up Liz's latest doll at Fangirl. Eskimo Will It's one of her cutest ever! Go adopt your very own, but please remember to link them to her site, not here.



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